Bachman’s Idea House Spring 2014

Every year my friend Leann and I go to the Bachman’s Idea House and Gathering of Friends Antique Show. It is the kind of lovely tradition that you imagine yourself having as a grown up, and Leann is the perfect friend to do it with.  Besides the beauty and wealth of inspiration, it was fun to reminisce.

“Remember when you were pregnant and had to sit down all the time?”

“Remember when I found that exit light for Jim’s birthday and he actually really liked it?”

“Hey, they have a trunk in that same spot where my trunk was last year!”  “Oh yeah!  Did you ever find a way to use it?”  “No, it’s still sitting in the basement…”

Since I’m a die hard DIY-er who is too cheap to buy anything because I can make it myself, I take tons of photos to remember projects for later.  And this year did not disappoint!  I took many more photos than I’m posting here, but these are the ones I liked the most and would really like to try replicating.Re-Used Window Ceiling HangingMy mom and dad had their windows replaced this past year and are giving me the old ones with wood frames.  Lots of possibilities.
Wooden Plank Chair You could make this chair with pallet boards or cheap lumber; I just have to figure out what to frame it on.Log Side Table I’m not sure that I have the right tools to make a table like this, but there’s an idea in there for me somewhere.
Bookends Book Page Lampshade The book page lamp is maybe my favorite project, and definitely the most do-able.  I might try this this weekend.Hanging Lamp Radiator Cover Door I bet this was a radiator cover to jazz up the door. Hmmmmm.Chalkboard Window Old Post Office Sorting Box I’ve been thinking of building some kind of cubby-hole cabinet along these lines, and this color is dreamy.Map ArtThere were a several cool map prints like this with different sayings.  Three or four years ago I threw away a bunch of maps I’d been saving for memorabilia and I’m kicking myself now.

Now we’ll just have to see if any of these projects get accomplished.


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