Black and White Beauties

I’ve been making an effort to develop a good workflow with my photos.  I am completely out of my league right now; I’ve spent most of my time in the past on the graphic design side of things.  Learning how to best use Adobe Bridge and Lightroom to efficiently process my photos has been a challenge.  It’s hard when I can only catch snippets of time at night, interrupted by the littles and my own needs… you know, eating root beer floats or making over my kitchen.  I’m also plagued by this idea that I’m going to get so many images on my new super-speedy computer that a month from now it’ll be bogged down and super-slow.

Aspiring photographer Grace took the next photos on my phone.  One of the first truly spring days, the family together at the table, baby on my lap eating a perfect orange; these are the memories that I treasure.  I used the black & white creamtone preset in Lightroom for the nostalgic look that I love.

Nora Eating Orange 4 Nora Eating Orange 3 Nora Eating Orange 2 Nora Eating Orange 1 The last photo is ALSO from my phone, taken by Aaron.  I used another straight black & white preset.

I’m really been trying to get myself into more pictures.  I’m the typical mom always behind the camera, but I want my kids to have pictures for themselves of me with them.  I treasure the few that I’ve seen of my mom with me as a baby.  So this is a new thing for me, and it’s hard.  It’s hard for me to overlook the double chin, the boring hair, the tired eyes.  But this is me, and this is my life right now.  And I want to remember.Reading with Nora


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