What We Ate: April 7-13, 2014

Each week I record what we ate in pictures.  We try our best to follow a traditional food diet.  I’ll post a link if I followed an online recipe or ate at a restaraunt.

This was a horrible week to begin my food chronicling.  Aaron was gone on a business trip, and I was trying desperately to get our kitchen mini-makeover finished.  So I made some horrible food choices that aren’t normal for us (um, Taco Bell?!, frozen Trader Joe’s food?!).  I’ve mostly gotten past the guilt that used to plague me on weeks like this, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  This week will be better!

April 7, 2014MONDAY:  Orange Julius Smoothies: Ham and Cheese Melts: Tacos

April 8, 2014

TUESDAY: Sprouted Spelt Pancakes: Taco Salad: Frozen Trader Joe’s Pizza


WEDNESDAY: Strawberry Smoothies, Coffee with Hazelnut Ice Cream: Lunch at Friend’s (no pic): Leftovers (no pic)


THURSDAY:  Homemade Energy Bars: Sourdough Bread with Various Toppings: Taco Bell

FRIDAY (no pics): Leftover Energy Bars: No Lunch (kids did with my mom): Pizza Luce


SATURDAY: Maple Syrup Suckers from Vermont, various & sundry: Leftovers (no pic): Chili Mac

SUNDAY:  paleo zucchini bread: cheesy egg and bacon toast (no pic): Broder’s Cucina Italiana (no pic)


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