What We Ate: April 21-27, 2014

Each week I record what we ate in pictures.  We try our best to follow a traditional food diet.  I’ll post a link if I followed an online recipe or ate at a restaraunt.

I’m getting more into the hang of remembering to take photos each meal, but sometimes everything is too out of control.  We had a fun birthday meal and I was so busy getting ready, feeding Nora, and entertaining to grab the camera.

4212014MONDAY:  Easter treats & smoothies | tuna melts | hamburgers with sweet potato fries & caprese


TUESDAY: orange julius smoothies | sourdough pizzas | date night @ crave


WEDNESDAY: chocolate monkey shakes | egg salad sandwiches with olive oil potato chips & carrots with hummus | irish nachos


THURSDAY:  soaked oatmeal (no pic) | random (caprese, carrots, sprouted bread with a rye sourdough cracker topped with a potato chip…) | sour cream enchiladas with sprouted tortillas


FRIDAY: no idea for breakfast (no pic obviously!) | veggies and rye sourdough crackers with hummus | birthday party Ezra’s choice (no pic!!) – hot dogs & chicken sausages, baked beans, olive oil potato chips and potato salad, chocolate crock pot pudding cake with vanilla ice cream


SATURDAY: donuts at yoyos (a peanut free place for Ezra!) | this and that here and there after a late breakfast (no pic) | pizza at a softball party

SUNDAY:  toast (I thought for sure I took a pic but can’t find it anywhere) | no real lunch, new member reception after church = too many junky sweets = no one hungry | leftovers (no pic)


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