The Little Things Photos

It really happened.  Spring arrived.  The past week: glorious.budsinskyDandelions offered as tokens of love by earnest little hands and the generous heart of my littlest boy.

mommygiftAllergies rendering afore-mentioned child inert on the couch, eliciting sympathy even from his older sister.

allergyezgetwellsoonGarage sales a-plenty bring new “friends” into the house.  As if we didn’t have enough.

wagonjaykillyjayonstumpAnd one of my favorites.  Camp fires.  sawfiredadson
ezandjayBy the way, this is Grace being an alien.gralienisgazevictorygrPondering.
seriousisgazingezgrwagonLots of outdoor play, like “farm” and “wagon pulling”.  plowing

wagontrainNora just being precious.peekabooThese are the days that just feel alive with hope and promise to me.  My favorite time of year.


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